“Amiveris is a GREAT place for UltiPro Cognos Analytics reporting. We were very hesitant at outsourcing our reports to a third party vendor. I am able to build most of the reports we need but don’t have the time or the training to build complex reports. Ultimate Software was of no help, they want to charge an arm and a leg for everything and they don’t show you how they resolved your issues so you can learn from it. Amiveris offers two different options: one that teaches you while helping you create it and the other that gets it done for you. Both are of great value!! Allen is definitely well versed in UltiPro and has a lot of great shortcuts and tips to share. Allen has been invaluable during COVID-19, even working through the night on very complex reports with us to meet a morning deadline. His availability and willingness to work are very commendable. Overall, I highly recommend Amiveris for UltiPro BI report writing, trouble shooting and training. “

Julie Thompson, HRIS Manager

Alabama Farmers Cooperative, Inc

Julie Thompson – UltiPro BI Client

I had the pleasure of working with Allen on a project/report for our 401K File. He is very knowledgeable and very enthusiastic in working on this report through UltiPro. He takes his time to show you how the report will look like as well as teaches you about report writing. He explains his logic as well as answers all your questions.  I am very thankful for all his support on the report.

Cynthia B. – UltiPro Client

I worked with Allen for over a year at Ultimate Software and see Allen as an asset for any team. He was quick to learn the product and adopted team standards from day one. He is a people person who easily engages clients and quickly builds trust. I recommend Allen for any position that requires both self management and team collaboration. Allen is a top tier consultant.

Charles A. – UltiPro Expert

Allen was fantastic to work with and has an exceptional expertise in Business Intelligence. As a BI consultant he took the time to listen to the needs and concerns of my company, working to find creative solutions. While most consultants just create reports, Allen patiently walked my team through the report building process and made sure my team had a better overall understanding. His fun personality made the meetings even more enjoyable. I would happily work with Allen in the future!

Brittany M. – UltiPro client

Allen is a fabulous teacher – very knowledgeable – willing to answer questions and explain one on one – great personalty

Janet M.Class Participant

I have utilized many coaches over my professional career and Allen brings a skill set not found in others. He supports me to think about my life’s path from a holistic perspective. He can challenge me, as well as, create a space for self-discovery. Further, Allen is genuine, supportive and intuitive. I am grateful to Allen for his guidance and support.

Christine Q.Coaching Client

I’m really happy with how this program has helped me align with what I’ve always wanted. I had always tried to change these bad habits one-at-a-time, in ways that were not effective. The gentle progression of SEAMLESS is perfect for tackling these fundamental lifestyle habits all at once, building to a place where you have all you need to go forward in a healthier, more fulfilling way. I highly recommend this program to anyone!

Marina P.SEAMLESS Participant

Seamless has helped me to stop and think about myself in ways that I was not doing before. We often hear and practice these activities in isolation. Through this program, I am able to see how it can work to boost my quality of life with very simple changes made with awareness. I really admire Allen’s attitude and the flexibility with which he helped adapt the program SEAMLESSLY! I have changed for the better and with very little effort.

Rathna S.SEAMLESS Participant

Allen’s great at cutting away all of the noise and the false notions of who we think we should be. He cuts to the chase and helps us answer the big questions: What am I here to do? What am I good at? What would make me happy? I was so glad to work with Allen, because he gives you the concrete steps to make your dreams happen.

Chris T.Coaching Client

I enjoyed Allen and his excitement about Cognos. For a 3-day class, Allen was very good at keeping my interest.

Kathy R.Class Participant